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Illustrations from Antique Children’s books


    Illustrations from Antique Children’s books

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    If I want something I will definitely achieve it, no matter what I have to sacrifice…the more complex the situation, the more threatening my rivals, the more I spread my wings in defiance of everything.

    There are two categories of performers in my sport: first, those who view competitions as tortures and second, those who see competitions as great celebrations. I am in the middle of those two.

    In Shakespeare’s time it was said, “What must be cannot be avoided”. That is how it is when I lift. To successfully lift the weight cannot be avoided. I experienced the tortures and the celebration. But I lift as well as I lift because it cannot be avoided.

    Vasily Alexeyev (Olympic Gold Medalist, USSR, Superheavyweight Division 1972 and 1976, holder of 80 World Records)

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    "I do think it’s good when people never really know what your next move is going to be, whether you’re nice or not. I think it’s important for an actor to keep that thing. If you appear too much as yourself, if you talk too much about who you are, then people don’t care. They know you."
    Vincent Cassel
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